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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Birfday Gift :)

This weekend, we were invited to Lucy Overacker's first birthday, and I wanted to make her a gift. I was given some great suggestions via a facebook post. One suggestion from Katie Matteson led me to the Etsy website and I fell in love with the site. I saw an item for sale (lots, actually :) and thought: "I could make that." So, Lucy, I made you some Ribbon Rings or Fairy Rings or Dancing Ribbons or whatever you'd like to call them.

I found wooden rings and a few more flavors of ribbon at the craft store to supplement the ribbon I had at home. I cut lengths of about two feet. Then tied the ribbon on the rings (leaving the ends uneven lengths) and voila!

And they turned out so cute, I made some for Eva with some plastic link toys we had lying around. I think I'll like the links, so I can just slip it on my purse/diaper bag strap.  <oh, I found bells at the craft store too, and made them removable for Eva...>

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  1. Awesome! You're so creative, Brenna! We still have and love the blanket you made with the ribbon loops. Sometimes the girls fight over it... :o) It's so much fun!