Scrunchface :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Birfday Gift :)

This weekend, we were invited to Lucy Overacker's first birthday, and I wanted to make her a gift. I was given some great suggestions via a facebook post. One suggestion from Katie Matteson led me to the Etsy website and I fell in love with the site. I saw an item for sale (lots, actually :) and thought: "I could make that." So, Lucy, I made you some Ribbon Rings or Fairy Rings or Dancing Ribbons or whatever you'd like to call them.

I found wooden rings and a few more flavors of ribbon at the craft store to supplement the ribbon I had at home. I cut lengths of about two feet. Then tied the ribbon on the rings (leaving the ends uneven lengths) and voila!

And they turned out so cute, I made some for Eva with some plastic link toys we had lying around. I think I'll like the links, so I can just slip it on my purse/diaper bag strap.  <oh, I found bells at the craft store too, and made them removable for Eva...>

Baby Food

Eva likes eating baby food. We started last month. Peaches, bananas, peas, sweet potatoes are her "favorites" but she'll eat anything. For now! 

belated Halloween

Or rather, "Harvest Festival" :)

Our ward had a chili cook-off/contest for a potluck festival. Jon is great in the kitchen, he has a knack for recipes. For our chili, he wanted to add little chunks of steak as well as ground beef. It was tasty. Our pot of chili got "the hottest chili"award. (I can't claim anything, I ran out of time and used store-bought seasoning :)

But for the spirit of Halloween, the children dressed up in costumes. I slacked, and didn't put together a family costume like I wanted, but Eva couldn't go costume-less, right?!? So Kiana and I picked out a little butterfly costume for her. Eva had a ball socializing. She is such a happy girl, and willingly sat with Bob and Lynn Taylor while Jon and I got to eat dinner without her curious little hands reaching for our dishes :)

Eva received "the smallest costume" award. 
Too cute.