Scrunchface :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a ...

Yesterday was weird. It started out well. Mom came by our house and brought lunch, Mmmm, Thanks Mom! -But then in the afternoon, it went downhill... It didn't end up being a terrible day, either.

It was just off. I was amiss. blah. you get the picture.

I did our routine... tried to fold laundry and put it away while keeping Eva entertained and happy, while winding down for bed. Jon could tell (obviously, I don't hide things well). It just felt nice to talk about the things that were bugging me. Then, as soon as I said them aloud, I realized how silly each of my issues were.

I just had one of those days, and I am glad I can be over it. Thankful it wasn't worse.

Thankful. That's what I am, what I choose to be: Thankful.

Another thing: I want to be more charitable. In Activity Girls on Tuesday, we listened and read along to Thomas S. Monson's talk "Charity Never Faileth." It is amazing. I highly recommend it.

And, if you're ever having an off day... Let me know and I'll be your listening ear :)