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Monday, August 30, 2010

Poker Fiends

On Saturday, we went over to Beth and Thad Curtis' home (as we frequently do) for a sort of date/hangout night.  We were joined by Collun and Sarah Ellis. We always end up talking, joking, and having a great time.
That night, Beth suggested we get out the poker set (since we had it in the car) and that's just what we did.

We had fun playing several rounds of poker and twenty-one, probably making up the rules as we went, since none of us are professionals :) Anyway, we also ended up laughing until we cried. You had to be there for it to be so funny but it went like this:

Thad had dealt out two cards to each player, and cards to the middle. I'm pretty sure at least two rounds of betting had taken place, and at least two people had folded. Then Sarah looked over at Collun and said: "Collun, you're only holding one card!?!"

Collun then quickly reached for his second card that had been sitting face-down below his hand and simply said "Wow." And we all started busting up! HAHA!

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