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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Parable of the Cherries

I bought some cherries at the store, so when I wanted something sweet, I'd snack on them rather than something less healthy... *Don't ask how much I spent on them, that's beside the point- AND a sore subject: WHY is junk food less expensive?* Anyway, they looked like this:

As I was enjoying a few of the cherries, I came upon one that had a blemish. Not rotten, not gross or anything, but it had an imperfection on the surface. I considered tossing it out: who wants something imperfect? But, I took a second look at that imperfect cherry in my grasp, then thought "Hmm, why not?" So I ate that imperfect cherry...

And it was one of the sweetest, most delicious ones of the whole bunch. 

Then it hit me: Often times people with imperfections are the sweetest, most enjoyable ones of the whole bunch. And in reality, none of us are perfect


  1. Very deep and very good girlfriend! I'm seriously blemished so must be so VERY sweet.....

  2. Don't you just love it when the simple things of everyday life testify of eternal truths and Heavenly Father's design for us? Thanks for sharing.