Scrunchface :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

(Almost) 11 months old!

It took her a while, but Eva is now crawling! For the longest time, she was one of those babies that was content to just be where I plopped her. Not anymore! She loves the kitchen cabinets and pantry of course. She is starting to climb up onto things, but can only get to her knees without help (so far!).

Eva is wonderful. We love seeing her grow and develop. She is very happy and healthy. She loves to babble to herself. It's mostly "da-da-da" sounds in various tones and speeds. Her first word was a couple months ago: "asat?" (what's that?) followed by "uh-oh" a couple weeks later.

A faux-hawk hairdo, courtesy of Auntie Ki... 

She'll hand you something when you hold your hand out. She loves goldfish crackers. Eva likes books, especially The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. (Grandma recently gave it to her along with a caterpillar plush.) She just learned to drop a ball to make it bounce, and yesterday, she was dropping a Dansko shoe to watch it pseudo-bounce on our tile floor. Just so dang cute.

These photos are just too cute not to share. Enjoy! 


  1. She is adorable, totally saw the Tibbs in her in one of those pictures!